uphaar.up.nic.in duty list (Up home guard duty list) 2022

Uttar Pradesh Home Guard is waiting for recruitment in the largest state of India. About 20 crore people live in 75 districts of the state of UP. The police department of Uttar Pradesh is the largest police force. The department is responsible for all the people of UP security and security. Home guards work as assistants in the police department. UP Home Guard Duty List 2022 / Duty Chart is released by the Home Department online mode. Stay online at the link given below and download the UPHG Duty List (UPHG Duty List) by filling in the details like Candidate Name, City Name, City/Village Name, and Others. uphaar.up.nic.in duty list 2022). More than 1 lakh home guards are currently active in Uttar Pradesh. And its number is going to increase in the coming time. For this, more and more technology is being used by the government.

It was a very difficult task to prepare the posting list of the UP Home Guard Department (uphg duty list 2022) by hand. To solve this, the uphaar nic portal was started. The database of all the home guards of the state is available on this portal. By going here, any home guard of the state can see his duty list very easily. The purpose of developing this was to prepare a duty list of thousands of Home Guards through the Internet. This list is prepared month-wise. Any home guard can check the list of his posting by visiting this portal.

Home Guard Duty New List 2022

Friends, Uttar Pradesh Home Guard Department releases duty charts every month. And all the information about it is provided on its official website. Friends work as Home Guard Assistant in Police Department. Moreover, it also provides security to the people of the country. This policy is an important part of the Children’s Department.

You can see the Home Guard Deployment of Uttar Pradesh according to the name of your district. And can play an important part in the defense of the country. The deployment of the Home Guard is mostly done at government institutions, metro stations, and crowded areas, keeping this in view, the department manages and regulates the duty of Home Guards.

Benefits of UP Home Guard Duty

Home Guards help the community in the maintenance of essential services in case of any type of emergency like air strike, fire, cyclone, earthquake, epidemic, etc.
Promote communal harmony and help the administration in participation in the weaker sections, socio-economic and welfare.
Home Guards reduce conflicts in government institutions, metro stations, and crowded areas.

Uttar Pradesh Home Guard Duty List

Click on Home Guard Deployment List, then Select District & Location, Month & Others, then Name List & Duty for Upcoming Month (Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November & December).

1. Home Guard Deployment Profile:

By going to this option, submitting the year, month, Home Guard Regiment ID, and submitting it, the candidate will get to see all the information related to the posting of that month. For example, where duty has been imposed this month, from which date till which date will be seen.

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2. Location Wise Deployment List Company Wise:

By going to this option, district-wise deployment can be seen. In which district, how many guards have got posting can be seen.

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3. Company Wise Deployment List:

A company-wise list of postings can be seen from this option.

UP Home Guard Duty List 2022 Check Online

To see the duty list, people have to visit the Uttar Pradesh Uphaar (uphaar) portal, which has been created only for the help of Home Guards – https://uphaar.up.gov.in/Default.aspx

By going to the official portal of uphg, candidates have to select any one of these three options: 1. Home Guard Deployment Profile, 2. Location Wise Deployment List Company Wise, 3. Company Wise Deployment List. Select the Home Guard Deployment Profile to see the list of duties by Home Guard Regiment ID.
Now a page will appear on the screen like the image given below. On this page, you have to fill in the information of Year, Month, Home Guard Regiment ID, Please Fill Numbers (a code will be written near this option, it has to be entered in the box of Please Fill Numbers) and click on Show. It takes a while to load here. As soon as the loading is completed, all the information related to the duty of the Home Guard will be revealed.

By doing this, the name, address of the Home Guard, where are they on duty this month, the date of posting, information of all these can be seen.