What is Google Kormo Jobs App – How to download, create account and use

it is very difficult to get a job in today’s situation. Because every company is laying off many workers from jobs. If you are a fresher in that then it is difficult to get a job. Keep this in mind. Google has launched its app where you can register and apply for jobs according to your profession. But friends, there is not much information about how to use this app. That’s why friends, we have told you in full detail in this post, what is Google Kormo jobs app and how to create an account

What is the Google Kormo jobs app?

Let me tell you that Kormo jobs are a Google app. Where you will know about job offers or job vacancies. You just have to register in this app and create your account. After which you can apply for the job according to your profession. And you can get your favorite job.

How to download the Google Kormo jobs app?

Kormo jobs app download You just have to go to Playstore and after going there you just have to type “Google kormo app”. After that, the first app that will come in front of you will have to be downloaded. And have to wait till the Kormo jobs app is downloaded. The download size of this app is only 6.6 MB and so far it has more than 1 Million downloads.

How to create google kormo jobs app account?

So let’s know friends. How to create an account/profile in the google kormo jobs app. For that, you just follow the steps given below and know what is Google Kormo jobs app is.

How to create a google kormo jobs app profile?

After downloading the app
Step 1: After opening you. Whatever Gmail you are logged in to your mobile. That Gmail will take this app automatically because it is google’s only app. So you just have to click on the Continue a button. Or you have to create a new account / then you can not block from Gmail account / or you can create a new account.

Step 2: After clicking on the Continue button, you will now be asked “What type of job are you looking for”, there you have to select the type of job you are looking for and/or according to your job profession and Click on the Continue button (you can select 2-3 options there according to your profession)

Step 3: After that now where do you want to work means where do you want to work. Will ask about that city/city. If the name of your city is not on that list then all you have to do is your location. Click on None of the above buttons. Now, this app will automatically take your location.

Step 4: After that, you will go directly to the DASHBOARD of the Google kormo jobs app. Where you will see many jobs. Because you have added your location there so it will show the jobs of your selected area.

Step 5: Now you have to complete your profile, for this, you have to click on “your profile”.

Step 6: After coming to your profile, you can fill in your basic details like Full Name, Address, Mobile No, Gender.

Step 7: There you can upload your resume. For this, you just have to click on upload resume. And by selecting your resume from your phone. have to upload it.

Step 8: There you can tell about your education. And you can fill in your education details

Step 9(optional): If you have Work Experience then you can tell there. If not, then no worries. We taught what is Google Kormo jobs app is.

How to run the Kormo job app, how to apply for a job?

. Applying for the job is very simple, you just have to search for the job according to your profession and location.

Have to click on it. After clicking, there will be complete information about that job deleted. All you have to do is click on the Apply button. That’s all you have to do, after that you can apply for another job.

If you want to see for which job you have applied. For that, you just have to go to Your Profile. And you just have to go to Your Activity. There you will get a list of all the jobs for which you have applied, what is the Google Kormo jobs app.

Note: Friends, for whatever job you are applying for, at that time that account is verified, whether to check it. Because friends, there can be many 3rd party jobs too. For this, you should keep this thing in mind before applying for any job.