Foods to Eat When You have Constipation

Constipation can affect everyone including children, adults and pregnant women. In most cases of constipation that is the difficulty of fecal evacuation it is not determined by a specific condition, making it more difficult to find the exact cause.

The main symptoms of Constipation are when the frequency of evacuation is less than three times a week and many other symptoms may relate such as abdominal pain, meteorism, swelling, difficulty in expelling hard stools and dehydrated, a sense of incomplete evacuation.

How to overcome this kind of disorder

In general, it is necessary to do light physical activity, to educate the intestine to evacuate according to established schedules, to follow a balanced diet by taking specific foods.

In case of occasional constipation, here are the best foods to consume during the day.


Take a glass of warm milk, whole grains like oat flakes or a slice of rye bread with fig jam or honey in the breakfast.


Broth of meat or steamed artichokes and a piece of cheese, ripe seasonal fruit such as kiwi or plum.


Take fresh or dried fruit, fruit juice or hot tea in the snacks when you have constipation.


Lean fish cooked on the grill, cooked green leafy vegetables seasoned with extra virgin olive oil.

Before going to bed

Take natural infusion based on nettle or linseed.

During the day you should not miss to drink a half of water during and after the meal, and if possible a glass of warm water as soon as you wake up to stimulate intestinal activity before starting your daily activities.