Top 7 travel destinations in Africa

Top 7 travel destinations in Africa

The list of the most visited countries in Africa is very long. Let’s find out about some destinations in the most visited countries of Africa which is a nice wish list for anyone who is planning a trip to Africa.


The Mauritius islands are among the most visited places in Africa and certainly among the most appreciated or its beaches, tropical climate and natural beauty. There are many activities to do in Mauritius, from water sports to diving in the rich marine world, especially in the Grand Bay area and the rest of the north.


The Morocco is one of the most politically stable countries in North Africa and this has allowed the development of tourism. Today traveling in Morocco is safe and the country offers good quality and variety tourist infrastructures, which meet the needs of different types of tourists, at very affordable prices.

South Africa

South Africa offers international visitors a wide variety of options, including a privileged view of the great African landscapes, national parks rich in biodiversity, a diverse cultural heritage and an important gastronomic tradition, especially linked to the renowned South African wines.


Namibia is a wild land in a western corner of southern Africa and is largely desert, covered by a soil that fades from red, pink, orange and gold. It is characterized by rocky expanses and dunes.


A trip to Tanzania can satisfy both the desire for safaris and the desire for the sea. Nature will be the protagonist of your journey. The safari in Tanzania is among the most beautiful in the world, both for its variety of fauna and flora, and for the atmosphere and emotions it can give.


Egypt remains among the most visited countries in Africa, especially for archaeological tourism. Giza, with the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, Luxor with the Valley of the Kings, and Alexandria of Egypt are among the most popular destinations. For beach tourism, the most beautiful resorts overlook the Red Sea.


The main attraction of Kenya is its national parks, among which the main ones are the Masai Mara Reserve which are famous for the exceptional presence of lions, leopards and cheetahs. Also interesting to visit is the capital Nirobi.