What is Namo Tablet Yojana?

Recently, Namo Tablet Yojana 2022 has been started by the government. The main objective of this scheme is to connect the students with modernization. In this sequence, tablets will be given by the government to the students at very low prices. Namo Tablet Yojana 2022 The tablets given under this scheme will be branded so that students can easily get new information. This scheme is very beneficial for students who are not able to buy tablets to study.

Only those students can take the benefit of Namo Tablet Scheme 2022, who will fulfill the eligibility criteria set under this scheme. Some important documents will also be required to take advantage of this scheme. Let us know, Namo Tablet Scheme 2022 What is the process of registering for and which students will get the benefit of Namo Tablet Scheme 2022.

Eligibility to take advantage of Namo Tablet Yojana 2022

The criteria set for registration in Namo Tablet Scheme 2022 are as follows.

  • Only those students who are residents of Gujarat will get the benefit of the Namo Tablet Scheme 2022. Students from other states other than Gujarat will not be able to get the benefit of this scheme.
  • Under this scheme, tablets will be available to only those students whose annual income is less than ₹ 100000.
  • Only the applicant who comes below the poverty line will get the benefit of the Namo Tablet Scheme 2022.
  • Only those students who have passed class 12th and have taken admission in the first year of graduation can apply for Namo Tablet Scheme 2022.

Important Documents For Namo Tablet Yojana 2022

To take advantage of Namo Tablet Yojana 2022, students must have important documents. We are telling you the list of important documents, if you have all these documents, then you can register yourself under this scheme.

  • Gujarat domicile certificate
  • caste certificate
  • 12th class pass certificate
  • Aadhar Card and Voter ID Card
  • It is necessary to have a certificate of being below the poverty line, if someone does not have this certificate, then the ration card issued by the state government will also work.
  • The college in which the student has taken admission, then it is necessary to have a certificate of taking admission in that college.

Namo Tablet Yojana Registration Process 

Any student who has to register in Namo Tablet Scheme 2022, then to get registration, first of all, the student will have to go to his educational institution and college, where the student has taken admission.

  • The student has to go to the educational institution and get complete information about Namo Tablet Scheme 2022 and after that ask to register himself.
  • To get the registration done by the institute under Namo Tablet Scheme 2022, one has to go to the official website.
  • After logging into the official website, students will have to click on the option of pairing.
  • After this, a new page will open, in which there will be an option to fill in some information related to the student, and important documents have to be uploaded on the portal.
  • After doing this, the information related to the student’s roll number will have to be filled in. After this, there will be an option to pay ₹ 1000. After paying 1000 rupees through the option, whatever slip will be received has to be kept.
  • In this way the Namo Tablet Scheme 2022 registration process will be completed and on which day the tablet will be given by the college, this information will also be available.

Features of Tablets offered under Namo Tablet Yojana.

Branded tablets will be given to the students under the Namo Tablet scheme. The features of the tablet are also very good. The tablet will have a 16 GB Internal or 64 GB Expandable Micro SD feature. Let us know about the features of Namo Yojana Tablet Android 7.0 –

HD Display  7 Inch
Battery  3450 mAh
Rear Camera  5 MP
Front Camera  2 MP
Weight  350 Grms
Quad-core Processor 1.3 GHz

Namo Tablet Yojana 2022 Helpline Number

If a student is facing some difficulty in registering under the Namo Tablet Scheme 2022, then information can be obtained by calling the helpline number. Calls can be made only till now, so take special care of time.