How to download UP Income certificate pdf?

UP Income Declaration Form PDF | income certificate download 2022

The income certificate is an essential document issued by the Revenue Department. In this certificate, we show the sum total of our income from all sources of income. This certificate (Income Certificate UP) is also used to avail various types of government schemes and services. We need an income certificate to fill income tax, to take advantage of social pension, to take scholarships, to take government contracts, to take advantage of the exemption in government services, we need income certificate

Benefits of making an income certificate –

There are many benefits of applying for a UP income certificate. Because this document serves as a benchmark set by the government.
On the basis of which the benefits of government services and schemes are given to the general public. In which we will tell you some points by way of example –

  • To take advantage of reservations for admission to school/college.
  • To apply for social pension schemes
  • To apply for government jobs.
  • To generate 10% upper caste reservation /ews certificate.
  • To take advantage of other government services and schemes.

Required Documents Income Certificate Uttar Pradesh 2021 –

For applying for UP Aay Prman Patra 2021, some necessary documents will be required, the list of which we are providing you as follows.

  • Self Declared Income Affidavit
  • Ration card
  • Payslip
  • identity card
  • Aadhar Card

Income Certificate Validity in UP –

The validity (period) of the Uttar Pradesh Income Certificate is kept by the state government for 1 year. If you have a UP income certificate for less than 1 year. So you can use it to avail any scheme or service.

Download UP Income Certificate PDF Here