Medhasoft Bihar School Login, New Student Entry – Medhasoft Bih Nic In 2022

What is Medhasoft?

Medhasoft is software that has been developed by the Education Board of Bihar Government for a good change in the field of education.

Medhasoft is used by School Administration. By using Medhasoft, the bank details, phone numbers, and personal records of all the students studying in the institution are uploaded, as well as in a way it is an e-library in which the complete information of the students is kept, in a way it is the information of the students. The good thing is that their data is with the Bihar government. So that if any scheme comes from the Bihar government if needed, then the scheme can reach the deprived class or the needy.
If you are a school admin and you have to log in to Medhasoft. Then you will have to register in Medhasoft, after that you will get OTP and have to verify it. As soon as you get OTP, after that, you can log in to it and you can do further work easily.

How to get OTP in Medhasoft?

1: First of all you have to go to the official website of Medhasoft

2: After this, as you go inside the home page asks you to select the district, select it.

3: Keep in mind that after this you have to go to the home page but do not consider it as the normal home page, the home page is according to the district, the home page of the district you enter will open.

4: Now you have to click on the menu and there you will see School login, click on it

5: As soon as you click on the menu, then you will be asked about Dise Code, Mobile Number, OTP, and Captcha code.

6: You have to fill in the date code of your school, then you have to fill in the phone number of the school administrator, along with some information about the school.

7: As soon as you fill it, then demand OTP and fill it back after seeing it in the phone number of the school admin.

8: After this comes the turn to submit the form, before that you have to write the Captcha Code.

9: As soon as you do all the processes and save and submit then your school gets registered in Medhasoft.

10: After registering you can easily do school log-in media soft without any hassle.

How to do Medhasoft School Login & New Student Entry?

If you want to enter a new student in Medhasoft, then you have to follow the given steps, it is very easy to add about any student, so let’s know

1: First you have to login into Medhasoft by entering your school id and OTP

2: After this, you will see the Dashboard, click on it. In this you will see the student’s details, as soon as you click on it, then you will see the option of New Student Entry.

3: As soon as you click on it, then you have to click on the search button.

4: After doing this, you will have to fill in all the information of the students, you fill in the correct information carefully and correctly.

5: After filling in all the information you have to click on the record sauce button, then the pop-up page opens.

6: As soon as you click on OK in the pop-up page, the option of doing comes, you click on it, then the entry of new students is done in medhasoft

7: In this way, you can add any student’s information to medhasoft as well as you can also do corrections of old students through this.

What to do if the student’s details are wrong?

You do not need to take tension if the student’s details are wrong, as soon as you log in to medhasoft, you will see a dashboard that contains modify student details, click on it.

As soon as you click on it, then the option of the search will appear, you can search the name of any student whose details you want to correct.

After searching, you can click on the edit button to modify the details. As soon as you make the correction, then the option of save will come, click on it, the correct information will be uploaded in Medhasoft.

How to Install Medhasoft App?

If you register in Medhasoft, then you will have to fill in the information of the students again and again, in such a situation there will be some problem in filling it from the web, so the Education Board of Bihar Government has made an application of medhasoft which you can easily download.

1: For this, if you are an Android user then Play store, if you are an IOS user then Apple Store and WOs user then go to the app store and search Medhasoft in search.

2: As soon as you search, you will see the option of install, it starts downloading and gets installed automatically.

3: After installing, the option of open comes, by clicking on it, you can log in by entering the user id and password of your school admin or you can also log in through OTP.

4: In this way, if you install the application of Medhasoft, then you can easily do all the processes without any problem.