6 best travel destinations in the World


The continent island offers a variety of unimaginable landscapes and climates. We will pass by endless deserts, intricate rainforests, cosmopolitan cities, tropical parks up to the largest coral reef in the world. A myriad of experiences that will remain indelible in your heart.


The second largest country in the world offers great parks in the Rocky Mountains for lovers of wildlife and outdoor sports. Bears, whales, seals and numerous arctic birds will populate your journey. Complete the experience the stop in some beautiful English-speaking and French-speaking cities among which Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto are certainly worth a visit.


The charm of the Caribbean is irresistible: very white beaches surrounded by palm trees with a transparent sea, hospitable and smiling people, lots of good music and a positive energy that becomes contagious! And everyone can choose the island that most resembles it … from the white beaches of Aruba very suitable for Honeymooners, to volcanic islands where to make beautiful treks suitable for sportsmen, to colonial cities like Havana.


The country with the highest number of Muslims in the world offers islands for every taste and need. From the splendid temples of Borobudur to the pristine beaches of remote tropical atolls, from the exploration of the extraordinary island of Bali to go trekking and enjoy the sunrise from the peak of the Batur volcano.


A geological journey by walking in the fault that divides the Old Continent from North America. Here you can explore majestic waterfalls, the largest glacier in Europe, we will observe punctual geysers and volcanoes with embedded lakes of the purest waters. In winter you can discover the Northern Lights.


Japan cannot be missing from the list of the most beautiful trips. A journey into a completely different civilization from the European one. In addition to the great cities that symbolize the history and progress of the Rising Sun, we will also discover small agricultural villages where time passes slowly and the rhythms are marked by the passing of the seasons. A modern country but with a deep peasant soul.