5 destinations not to be missed in Europe

It would be difficult to determine which are the most beautiful places in Europe, since every area, every country, every region has its peculiarity that must be discovered and experienced. However, we can list the five most popular places that tourists choose for their trip to Europe.


Among the destinations most chosen by tourists there is certainly Italy , in particular for those traveling to discover the cradle of Roman or Etruscan civilization, or for those who are eager to learn more about Art, or about culinary and wine culture of the Bel Paese. Rome, Venice, Florence are still among the favorite cities for tourists from all over the world. Moreover, southern Italy and the islands are always a landing place for those who want to spend their holidays on the clear beaches and in the territories rich in naturalistic charm of the Mediterranean.


Among the most beautiful areas in Europe there is certainly Spain , with the thriving cities of Madrid and Barcelona , its lively southern locations offering picturesque sceneries straddling European and Arab culture such as Granada or Toledo , or its islands, including Ibiza, the most chosen. Also Portugal in recent years has established itself as a tourist destination in the Iberian peninsula: Lisbon and Porto are very popular , very different cities that offer splendid views of the Atlantic Ocean.


An equally chosen destination is certainly Greece , which together with Italy offers a magical setting on the Mare Nostrum, as well as beautiful places for those in search of ancient suggestions. From here you can easily move to the Balkan countries , such as Montenegro or Albania , which have been rapidly growing in tourism over the past few years.

Central Europe

A trip to Central Europe is undoubtedly rich in ideas, both cultural and naturalistic. If Holland and Belgium are in fact depopulated among the younger age groups of tourists in recent years, so one cannot say of Germany and France , which as always are among the most sought after and visited destinations.

Discovering the East

Even the countries of the East are attracting more and more visitors, in particular for the architectural beauties, for the culture and because of the fact that the cost of living is accessible. It is certainly worth visiting Poland , Hungary or the countries of the former Soviet Union , even in the colder seasons, for the unique atmosphere they offer the traveler.