Should I Propose Before Or After Dinner?

If you have already made your decision to propose your love for marriage, you only need the when and the how. In this post, we want to help you with romantic and original ideas and along with it will focus on whether you should propose to a girl before dinner or after dinner. Perhaps, you have already thought about your proposal and you can think of nothing more than the traditional. But, perhaps, you think that a different form could be more surprising and more adapted to you. Therefore, these ideas can serve you or be an inspiration for any more than you can think of.

Should I Propose Before Or After Dinner

One of the perfect ways to propose in a special and romantic way is through dinner in one of your favorite restaurants. These ideas to propose are always accompanied by good portions of music, both the most elegant and the most fun, as well as the occasional surprise that makes this evening even more memorable. If you are thinking of making a marriage proposal through a romantic and unique dinner, here we will give you a few ideas to make everything even more perfect than what you had prepared. Think of the melodies of a violinist for events as well as the surprises that a monologue for parties can give you and you will have the ideal ingredients for your great plan to take effect.

Although a dinner in an elegant restaurant is not one of the most original ways to propose, you can make it so if you prepare a few surprises to accompany one of these magical moments. Although there are many ways to propose, but a question that may come in your mind is whether you should propose before dinner or after dinner. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both methods have various pros and cons which we will list below:

Advantages of Proposing Before Dinner

  • If one of the partners don’t like major gathering and loves silence, then proposing at a restaurant during dinner is not a good idea at all. Therefore for such a case, proposing before dinner will be a good option.
  • There is full privacy and intimacy when you propose before dinner
  • Most of the people in the restaurant are strangers which may be a little awkward for your partner.

Advantages of Proposing After Dinner

  • If you propose after dinner and if your partner rejects your proposal, then it will not spoil at least your dinner.
  • If your proposal is refused by the girl, then you will not be in good mood to do the dinner, therefore it better is to propose after dinner.
  • You will not feel formattable during dinner if you decide to propose after doing the dinner, because of the kind of a shame that you may feel after getting refused.

Ideas of Proposing Before Dinner

Below we are mentioning various ways to propose your love and from these different methods that you can try before ‘Dinner’, you can decide by yourself which one is better.

Prepare a surprise and propose

Girls love surprises very much. In such a situation, if you want to propose to your girlfriend for marriage, then you have to prepare a big surprise for her. You can create a romantic atmosphere in a garden or in any beautiful garden. With such a surprise girl will be happy and then there you can propose to her for marriage. 

After proposing, you can take for a good dinner.

Propose at a particular occasion

Valentine, Christmas, and New Year are all very special occasions, and during these days the magic of love is in the atmosphere. At such a time, there is nothing better than proposing to a girlfriend for marriage. 

Propose during a tour

If you and your girlfriend are fond of traveling out, then you should take her to a hill station. Or take her to a place that she likes. If your girlfriend likes mountains, then you can take her to a mountainous place or if your girlfriend likes water, then take her to the sea.

This is one of the most wonderful way of proposing before dinner.

Ideas of Proposing After Dinner

There are many ideas of Proposing your love during or after dinner.

Take her to candlelight dinner and propose

This is considered a very beautiful way to have dinner for marriage. You can take your girlfriend out for dinner and then after dinner there, sit on your knee and propose for marriage.

Put a ring in the girl’s drink and propose

If you have gone to dinner with your girlfriend, then you can surprise her by putting a ring in her drink and propose her for marriage.

Choose Dress for Dinner

This is one of the important steps you will have to take for this very romantic dinner and you need to think about whether you want to go for a gala or with a much more formal dress. On the one hand, if your partner likes to show off, it may be much more perfect to have dinner with the most elegant clothes in your closet.

But if, on the contrary, your better half prefers not to give the grade on the sites, perhaps you can prepare something much more informal. Your outfit won’t make your proposal ideas any less spectacular. To find the changes with which you will feel most comfortable.

Decide whether you wan to go Alone or with family

Original wedding requests do not have to be intimate. You can always count on the surprise that the whole family is present in one of these magical moments. That can be part of one of the surprises of the night if your partner or life partner is very close to the entire family circle. You can also reserve this great moment for both of you. Whether alone or accompanied will not change whether you find an original way to ask for marriage.

Make a Reservation

Once you have the place and the number of people you want to be present on this big day, now is the time to book the ideal place where you will take your big step. Before starting to think about the ways to ask for marriage, it is essential that you have the ideal place completely available to make one of the most original wedding requests. With this you will have a lot of cattle to prepare for your big evening since knowing the place will also allow you to know what will be the surprises that you will be able to prepare.

Public or Private

It is not necessary for the whole world to find out that you are getting married to make one of the best surprises to ask for marriage. So the idea is to keep in mind at all times the personality of your better half. Think about whether he would be very excited to be the center of attention or if on the contrary, he would prefer to stay in a much more intimate act between the two of you. Knowing this, you will be able to devise the surprises or plans will be to turn this evening into one of your most memorable moments.

Get Help from Restaurant Staff

Whenever you want to prepare small details or surprises to create one of the most original ways to propose, consider that many restaurants will be more than happy to help you with your big proposal. One of the ways to have the funniest and most unimaginable moments for these great moments will be through actors or artists who will give an even more special touch to this moment. From infiltrated waiters who will make you spend a time full of laughter, to the most romantic music with violinists or a whole prickly pear to accompany this magical step. The bewitching atmosphere with them will not be lost.

Trust the Details

To make this traditional form of marriage proposal become one of the most original ideas to ask for marriage, the key will clearly be in the details that you can prepare for these moments. From having the melodies that have marked your relationship in the background throughout the night, to having the favorite dishes of your better half. This will make the difference!

Wait until dessert or the end of the Dinner

Even if you’re nervous about the big moment, don’t rush to take the big step until you’ve already enjoyed all the food. So wait until they bring you dessert to create that great moment that will completely change your life. Although you have in mind everything you need to find the most original way to ask for marriage, you must also keep in mind that you must wait to make this moment even more romantic and special. So all these are methods of proposing while dinner and the choice are yours whether you want to propose before or after dinner.