Mukhyamantri Rajshree Yojana – Apply Online, Notification, Application Form PDF

Mukhyamantri Rajashree Scheme

Under this scheme, daughters are given an amount of Rs. 50000/- thousand. This amount is given so that daughters can be brought up well, can be educated, and can make their home and country proud. I request all of you brothers and sisters that daughters should also be brought into the world because there is only one daughter who runs the world at home. we tell you how to take advantage of this scheme and try to give you complete information through this post. Daughters are the Lakshmi of the house, but due to many reasons, the birth rate of girls is decreasing, to encourage the birth of daughters, and educate and empower them, the government has started Mukhyamantri Rajshree Yojana in Rajasthan from June 1, 2016.

Benefits of Chief Minister Rajshree Yojana

The benefits of Mukhyamantri Rajshree Yojana are given in installments. From the birth of the girl child till class 12th, financial assistance of up to Rs 50,000 is provided to the guardian for the education, health, and care of the daughter. These amounts are as follows.

  • 2500 rupees at the time of the daughter’s birth
  • 2500 rupees for 1 year of vaccination
  • 4000 rupees for taking admission in first class
  • 5000 rupees for taking admission in class 6
  • 11000 rupees for taking admission in 10th class
  • 25000 rupees on passing class 12

Eligibility of Chief Minister Rajshree Yojana

The first two installments of the benefit of the Rajshiri Scheme (Rs 2500) will be given to all those girls who were born in a government hospital and private medical institutions registered with Janani Suraksha (JSY). Both these installments will be available to their parents even if their third child is a girl child, but they will not get the benefit of further installments under the scheme. Now the guardian/beneficiary should get the benefit of the Rajshree scheme directly in his bank account, for this scheme has also been linked with Jan’s Aadhaar card. Therefore, to take advantage of this scheme easily, it will be mandatory for you to make a Jan Aadhar card. For more information about Mukhyamantri Rajshree Yojana, contact the Program Officer, Women’s Empowerment, or Chief Medical and Health Officer in your district.

Essentials for Chief Minister Rajshree Yojana

  • To take advantage of Rajshree Yojana, you must have Bhamashah Card / Jan Aadhar Card.
  • After 15th May 2017, the payment will be made directly in the bank account of the beneficiary having a Bhamashah card/Jan Aadhar card.

To get the benefit, pregnant women should provide the details of the Bhamashah card/Jan Aadhar card and bank account linked to the Bhamashah card/Jan Aadhar card at the nearest Anganwadi center or ANM/ASHA/Anganwadi worker or Government Medical Institute during antenatal checkup/ANC checkup. . The beneficiary women whose Bhamashah enrollment has not been done, such women should get the Bhamashah card made from their nearest E-Mitra center and provide the details to the nearest Anganwadi center or Government Medical Institute.

New Updates in Mukhya Mantri Rajshree Yojana

Dear friends, as you know that the government keeps updating the schemes, similarly now some updates have come in the Raj Shree scheme which we are going to tell you about.

  • In the third installment in the scheme, i.e., copy of maternal child card at the time of school admission in the prescribed format by the mother of the girl child, mother of the girl child, father or guardian if she is not a mother, to get the amount due on taking admission in a government school in the first class, two children related. A copy of the self-declaration has to be provided.
  • Online approval of the eligible cases received will be issued by the officers approved by the Education Department and the amount will be transferred online to the beneficiary’s account.
  • In the fourth, fifth, and sixth installments i.e. at the time of admission in class VI and X and on passing class twelfth, the concerned government school will transfer the amount online after receiving the application in the prescribed format from the mother of the girl child, father or guardian if the mother is not there.
  • Friends, now whatever benefit will be given to you in Mukhyamantri Rajshree Yojana, it will be given through a Jan Aadhar card and this benefit/money will be transferred to you online i.e. will be sent directly to your bank account.