Download MP Marriage Certificate Form pdf

MP Marriage Certificate Form pdf

In today’s time, registration of marriage has been made mandatory by the state government. The main purpose of marriage registration is to bring awareness to women in society and to stop child marriage. A marriage certificate is a legal document. The marriage certificate is provided by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. For this, the applicant has to fill out the form of the marriage certificate.

Marriage Registration Form MP

Marriage registration is done to take advantage of many types of services and to prevent social evils and child marriage. A marriage certificate is a marriage certificate that is a necessary document to take advantage of government and non-government services. Today we will provide you with Rajasthan’s Marriage Certificate Form and information about it in this article. You can download the Rajasthan Marriage Registration Form from the link given below

Documents required for marriage registration

  • Aadhar card of bride and groom
  • age-related documents
  • Basic address proof
  • passport photo
  • certificate of educational qualification
  • Ration card

By downloading the Madhya Pradesh Marriage Certificate Form PDF, you can fill in all the necessary information and submit it to your Gram Panchayat office.