Most beautiful places to visit in England

Most beautiful places to visit in England
We have prepared a list of the most beautiful cities in England. Check to get more details about these places.

If someone asks you about ten cities in England you might come to London as the main and the most attractive place to visit. But England has a lot more to see and do. We offer you a list to visit in England.

1. London

London is one of the most attractive cities in Europe, where on the same day you can visit museums, Stroll through hipster markets, take a selfie with the typical phone booth and eat a fish & chips on the second floor of a red bus under Big Ben. It is the capital of England and also of the United Kingdom and we can highlight many things about it such as the well-known Parliament, Big Ben, Buckhinham. They are only a small part of a whole that stands out above the rest of English cities.

2. Stonehenge

Stonehenge represents one of the most magical and mysterious places in the world. This circular megalithic site, built on gigantic 40 ton dolmens, accumulates a large number of legends throughout the centuries.

Getting here from London is easy. You can book one of the many organized tours or set it up for free. The best way is to rent a car and go southwest towards Salisbury, Stonehenge is 15 kilometers from this town. If you do it by train take one at Victoria station to Salisbury which takes a couple of hours. From there, buses leave every hour in the low season and half an hour in high season towards Stonehenge.

3. Brighton

Located in South of London at an hour by train, this town of 150,000 inhabitants is known above all for being one of the most famous tourist cities in the United Kingdom.

4. Oxford

One of the most famous university cities in the world is in England. Oxford has the honor of housing the oldest Anglophone university in the world. This educational center has conditioned the city, of 150,000 inhabitants, which revolves around it.

5. Liverpool

Although Liverpool is known, obviously, as the city of The Beatles, it is much more. In fact, it is one of the most charming places in the United Kingdom. Its museums will allow you to know the most important and curious moments of its history, its springs will completely enchant you and its bars will allow you to live a unique experience. Also, if you are a football lover, you can not miss Anfield Road.

6. Bath

Very close to Bristol and just over 150 kilometers from London we find Bath, one of those cities that everyone who has visited will recommend. Here are the buildings that will leave you breathless. In almost every corner you will come across an amazingly beautiful building, some of them from Roman times, like their bathrooms. A wonder taken from another time.

7. Birmingham

Birmingham is a large city which is one of the most recommended to live in it. Birmingham is one of those places that, at first glance, does not attract too much attention. However, it has a unique charm that makes it an ideal destination to spend a few days. If we add to this that we find Cadbury World there, chocolate lovers already have their perfect city.

And above all don’t miss the Buckingham Palace which is located in City of Westminster.