What is EWS full form?

The reservation system in India has been going on for a long time, under this system the population has been divided into four parts, which are the general category, OBC, ST, SC. In this arrangement, many types of facilities were already being provided by the government to the people of ST / SC, OBC category under the reservation, in such a situation, in 2019, the government decided to give the benefit of reservation to the people of general category. But the general category people will be able to take the benefit of reservation only if they have an EWS certificate. In such a situation, if you are from the general category, then it becomes necessary to know about your EWS Full Form and EWS Certificate.

EWS Full Form

The full form of EWS is “Economically Weaker Sections”. EWS in Hindi is called Economically Weaker Section.

What is EWS Certificate?

EWS certificate is a facility by the government to provide the benefit of 10% reservation to the economically weaker sections of the general category. As you know, people of ST / SC, OBC category need caste certificate to take advantage of reservation, in the same way, people of general category need EWS certificate to get the benefit of reservation.
With the help of this EWS certificate, the economically weaker person from the general category is given reservation at the time of studies, and admission in college. Apart from this 10% reservation is also provided in jobs at the central and state level. The EWS certificate is like an income certificate that is certified for the economically weaker section of the general category. The eligibility to get the EWS certificate is not only based on the annual income of the family but also on the assets. Is.

Eligibility for EWS Quota

  • You are eligible for the EWS reservation quota only if
  • Your family income should be less than 8 lakhs per annum
  • You should have less than 5 acres of agricultural land.
  • The area of ​​your residential flat should be less than 1000 square feet.
  • And the area of ​​the residential plot should be less than 100/200 square yards.

The eligibility to obtain an EWS certificate is not based on just one factor. It is based on factors like your annual income, assets held and residential flats, etc. The income limit is set by the central government for admitting students to government colleges or institutions and for jobs offered by the central government. The state government may set a separate income limit for the candidates who are interested in the state government college and state government jobs under the EWS category.

Mandatory Documents for EWS Certificate

  • Aadhar Card
  • Domicile Certificate
  • ID Proof
  • land or property document
  • Affidavit/ Self Declaration
  • Income Certificate
  • passport size photo
  • This document may vary from state to state.

Advantages of EWS Certificate

In the country, many types of exemptions are provided by the government to the people belonging to the economically weaker sections, Scheduled Castes-SCs, Scheduled Tribes-STs, and Other Backward Classes. Now under this new process, the general category people will get the benefit of 10% reservation in centrally owned colleges and jobs given by the central government. Like ST/SC and OBC categories, a separate cut-off will be fixed for the people coming under the EWS category so that EWS category people can get easy admission to college and get jobs.
Who issues the EWS certificate?
The authority to issue an EWS certificate rests with the District Officer (DM), Additional District Officer Appropriate (ADM), Sub-Divisional Officer (SDM), Executive Magistrate, Additional Assistant Commissioner, First Class Magistrate, Taluka Magistrate i.e. of these This certificate is issued by

How to get an EWS certificate?

You can get this certificate made using any one medium, both online and offline. If you want to make an EWS certificate online, then you have to first go to the official website of the concerned state, after filling in the necessary information, the documents which are required will have to be attached. Then in a few days, your EWS certificate will be certified by the Revenue Department.

Similarly, if you want to get the EWS certificate made offline, then for that you have to fill out a form in the Tehsildar office and submit it by attaching the necessary documents. After doing this, your documents are verified by the employees of the concerned department, after which the EWS certificate is issued. This process may take two weeks or more.