Best places to travel in USA alone

Traveling with friends or family is always fun, but there is also a certain joy in traveling alone.

When it comes to solo travel, there is probably no better country in the world than the United States. It is important to choose the destinations in which you feel most comfortable and at ease when traveling alone. Here are the list of best travel destinations in the USA for Solo Travelers.

San Francisco

With its excellent public transport network, thousands of hostels available and more attractions than you can imagine, San Francisco cannot miss the wish list of any traveler. The Bay area is stunning and its scenic beauty is extraordinary, perfectly surrounded by the pulsating cultural vibrancy of the city.

Las Vegas

You would never think that a city with a lively nightlife made up of neon and sparkling lights can also be a perfect destination for those traveling solo, but that’s where you’re wrong! Las Vegas is indeed really fantastic to travel alone thanks to all the beautiful things to do and see, the thousands of people you can meet and a lot of places where you can stay.

New Orleans

This city will perhaps be known for the lively Bourbon Street and the madness of Mardi Gras, but there is also a fascinating history and cultural riches that are waiting to be discovered. Visiting New Orleans alone is easy because the city is walkable and offers visitors a vast choice of hotels and hostels all beautiful. It can also be easily visited on foot or by tram or even by bus. And with all the people you find around you will never feel really alone.


This important Pacific Northwest metropolitan center offers neighborhoods with distinct character, food cultures from around the world, wonderful museums and beautiful public gardens. If you are a fan of live music, Seattle will be a truly rewarding experience for you.


In the northeastern corner of the United States you will find the oldest and most historically rich city in the country that is Boston. Immersed in its colonial past, Boston is made up of winding cobbled streets of the time, when settlers first discovered the USA and made it their home. Centuries later, Boston is an easily navigable city on foot or by public transport, as well as overflowing with things to do for any lone traveler.